Shade Sail

Shade sails are made of tight woven, high density polyethylene fabric (HDPE) and polyester fabric. All shade sail fabrics are UV treated.The benefit of HDPE material shade sail is its stretchy breathability, allowing wind and rain to pass by without harming the shade itself. Although HDPE sails can withstand heat, wind, and rain, they’re not equipped to protect you during a storm. If thunderstorm or hurricane coming through, you should take your shade sails down to prevent them from getting damaged. Polyester shade sail (PVC) is less breathable, it is the perfect waterproof shade sails. This is helpful if you want to use shade sail during summer showers. In this case, you will need to position your sail at a slant, so it doesn’t build up water.

Shade Sail Manufacturer

PAMA is China's top shade sail manufacturer. We manufacture sun shade sails made of high quality tensile fabric that provide shade and UV protection over backyards, patios, parks, playgrounds, swimming pools, decks and other outdoor spaces.

Advanced Knitting Machines

We have advanced knitting machines to manufacture shade sail fabrics by using durable HDPE and polyester materials.


Fluent Cutting and Sewing Tech

We are specialized in cutting and sewing, offer good shape shade sails.


Customized Package for Online shop Owners

Customized online sales packages, such as AMAZON packages, supermaret packages.