Privacy Netting

Privacy netting are used as a fence screen, and are great for domestic and commercial applications where privacy, shade and protection are required.

Privacy screen netting is fabricated from 130gsm to 200gsm, UV protected knitted high density polyethylene (HDPE), providing approx. 88% - 98% blockage while still allowing optimized airflow. Brass eyelets are at 30cm -60cm intervals in reinforced poly hems, enabling the user to easily and securely fix the netting to fencing, chain link fence, or other structures.

Available both in panels and rolls. Privacy netting panels are with hems and brass eyelets. Privacy netting rolls are manufactured in the same way, without hems and brass eyelets. Instead the rolls have button hole eyelets running throughout the length.

Privacy Netting Catagory

Size and Color Availability


Green Privacy Netting


1.7m x 3.4m
5’8” x 11’2”
1.7m x 15.25m
5’8” x 50’
1m x 10m
3’2” x 33’
2m x 50m
6’2” x 164’


Black Privacy Netting

1.7m x 3.4m
5’8” x 11’2”
1.7m x 15.25m
5’8” x 50’
1m x 10m
3’2” x 33’
2m x 50m
6’2” x 164’

Beige Privacy Netting

1.7m x 3.4m
5'8” x 11'2”
1.7m x 15.25m
5'8” x 50'
1m x 10m
3'2” x 33'
2m x 50m
6'2” x 164’

Brown Privacy Netting

1.7m x 3.4m
5'8” x 11'2”
1.7m x 15.25m
5'8” x 50'
1m x 10m
3'2” x 33'
2m x 50m
6'2” x 164’

Blue Privacy Netting

1.7m x 3.4m
5'8” x 11'2”
1.7m x 15.25m
5'8” x 50'
1m x 10m
3'2” x 33'
2m x 50m
6'2” x 164’

Gray Privacy Netting

1.7m x 3.4m
5'8” x 11'2”
1.7m x 15.25m
5'8” x 50'
1m x 10m
3'2” x 33'
2m x 50m
6'2” x 164’

Privacy Netting Details

  • Specification Sheet

        Item Privacy Netting
        Weight 130gsm - 220gsm
        Blockage 88%, 90%, 95%, 98%
        Color Green, black, blue, tan, beige, white, red
        Height 3', 4', 5', 5'8", 6', 7'8", 8'
        Length 12', 50', 150', 300', 600', 1900'
        Binding black binding in 3" width (1.5" after sewing)
        Grommet brass grommets every 24inch
        Package in rolls or folded into pieces
        Installation by zip ties
  • Features

    • High density knitted polyethylene mesh netting
    • 88%-98% mesh shade cloth
    • Roll width: 4’, 5'8", 7’8”, 1m, 1.5m, 2m
    • Rolls goods: edges include reinforced eyelet button holes for fastening
    • Fence panels: edges include webbing & brass grommets for fastening
    • Tear resistant mesh netting
    • Commonly known as shade cloth, fence screen, or windscreen
    • UV treated & protected
    • Will not unravel when cut
    • Give the privacy, while still allowing air to flow through freely.
    • Remains flexible in cold weather climates
    • Contains airborne silica dust & debris during construction
    • Various color shade fence privacy netting can depend on customer requirement

  • Application

    Perfect for landscapes, backyard, construction sites, commercial and residential use
    Job Site, Venue or Facility Privacy & Security
    Site Beautification
    Construction Banners for Job Site Advertising
    Contractor / Developer Branding
    Debris Netting & Construction Tarps
    Personnel Safety Netting
    Pedestrian Safety & Crowd Control
    Fence Top Rail Cap
    Windscreen Protection & Court Dividers
    Pedestrian Safety & Crowd Control
    Portable Sports Fencing
    Branding, Advertising, Sponsorships
    Goal & Backdrop Netting
    Special Events, Schools
  • Benefits

    • Provides a visual barrier for privacy
    • Protect dust & debris on the construction jobsite
    • Creates a wind block or shade cloth
    • Waterproof polyethylene
    • Can be used as crowd control for special events
    • Tear resistant
    • Will not unravel when cut
    • Will not brittle or crack in harsh weather environments
    • 3 – 5 years life warranty

  • Installation

    Privacy netting rolls include reinforced eyelet holes (button holes) on the edges for fastening purposes. Privacy netting panels include lightweight webbing and brass grommets on the perimeter. This allows for an easy, safe and secure installation. All privacy netting are tightly packaged into clear poly bags with labeling for easy shipping and handling.

Privacy Netting Manufacturer

PAMA has full production line of manufacturing fence privacy netting. We can do knitting fabric, cutting fabric, sewing edge, stitching grommets and packing. Wholesale privacy netting in bulk, PAMA customs fence privacy nettings in good price, guaranteed to be high quality.

As an experienced fence privacy netting supplier, we can offer wide range in different weights, colors, sizes, packages and meet the special demands from wholesalers, distributors, online shop owners. 

Customize Fence Privacy Netting

PAMA is the professional fence privacy screen manufacturer & supplier in China. Our fence privacy screens are durable, easy to install, and come in various colors. We make them stable, robust, attractive, and cost-effective.


We have different standard heights, 3', 4', 5', 5'8", 7'8". Standard length 50', 150', 300', 600'. Clients could customize any sizes.

Raw Rolls & Panels

We offer raw rolls in 5'8"x150' and 7'8"x150'. 

Panels are black binding & brass grommets every 24".


Standard fence screen colors are dark green, black, royal blue, navy blue, tan, beige, etc. Customized colors are available for MOQ 2000kg.


We offer bundles package and retail package for bulk orders. Amazon package can be customized.

Learn Privacy Netting Manufacturing


Knitting Fabric

Knit fence privacy screen fabric

Sewing The Edge

Sewing the edge with black binding

Stitching Grommets

Stitching brass grommets


Pack the fence privacy screens into bundles or cartons

Why Choose Privacy Netting From PAMA?

Choosing PAMA as your wholesale privacy netting manufacturer and supplier allows you to gain more profit while enjoying the benefits that our privacy netting can give you.

ISO-certificated Factory – Our ISO-certified factory uses modern technologies and techniques to produce high-quality privacy netting that can meet the standards of our customers.

Durable Fabric Material – PAMA uses virgin polyethylene with UV treated. More healthy and safety up to 95% blockage. No recycle material.

Durable Binding & Grommet Material – 

We use durable black bindings sewn the edge. 

Grommets material is brass, anti rust.

Variety of Shapes and Styles – We manufacture fence privacy netting from extruding fabric, knitting fabric, sewing and packaging. We customize fence privacy screen designs for wholesalers, brand owners, online shop owners.

Competitive Prices – As an original fence privacy screen manufacturer, we offer competitive prices for bulk orders, guaranteed to be of high quality.

Frequently Asked Questions

We have compiled the most frequently asked questions about our privacy nettings here for your convenience, but please feel free to contact us if you have any additional questions.
  • What types of privacy nettings are available?

    Privacy nettings are available in a range of materials, including mesh, polyethylene, and PVC. They may also come in different colors and patterns to suit different aesthetic preferences.
  • What are the benefits of a privacy netting?

    A privacy netting can provide a number of benefits, including increased privacy and security, protection from the sun and wind, and a more attractive and functional outdoor space. It can also help to reduce noise levels and create a more peaceful environment.
  • How is a privacy netting different from other types of privacy screens?

    Unlike solid privacy screens, which completely block out views, privacy nettings allow for some visibility while still providing privacy. They also tend to be more lightweight and flexible, making them easier to install and adjust as needed.
  • What is a privacy netting?

    A privacy netting is a type of screen made from mesh or other materials that is designed to provide privacy and block out unwanted views. It is commonly used in outdoor areas such as patios, balconies, and gardens.
  • How do I choose the right privacy netting for my needs?

    When choosing a privacy netting, consider factors such as the size and shape of the area where it will be installed, the level of privacy and visibility you desire, and the material and color of the netting. It is also important to choose a netting that is durable and weather-resistant, especially if it will be used in an outdoor environment.
  • How do I maintain my privacy netting?

    Regular maintenance can help to keep your privacy netting in good condition. This may include cleaning the netting periodically to remove dirt and debris, repairing any damage or tears, and storing the netting properly when not in use.
  • How do I install a privacy netting?

    The installation process for a privacy netting will vary depending on the type of netting and the area where it will be installed. In general, privacy nettings can be attached to existing structures such as fences, poles, or walls using hooks, ties, or other fasteners. Some privacy nettings may also come with their own support structures or frames.

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