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How to attach privacy screen to fence?

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How to attach privacy screen to fence?

8 step installation guide

attach privacy screen to fence

A privacy screen is the simplest way to install a privacy barrier between your yard and those of your closest neighbors. Windscreen & Privacy Screen is easy to install, please view our 8 step installation guide:

1. Hang the hems of the binding in toward the fence, smooth side out (typically the outside of the fence).

2. Lock the grommets to fence by zip ties.

3. Start with a top corner of the fence and top corner grommet and work your way down to bottom of the fence.

4. Once you have attached each grommet, work your way down the fence line (left to right or right to left) starting at the top and stretching material as you go.

5. Once you reach the end of the section, return and do the same at the bottom porting of the screen.

TIP: Stretch material tight with each attachment for a clean, wrinkle-free fit.

Advantages of installing privacy screen to fence

install privacy screen advantages

privacy screen advantages

Fence privacy screen is water and wind permeable

It has black binding around the perimeter, and it has brass grommets on the binding so that you can attach it to the chain link with zip-ties. 

Privacy ranges from 80% to  96%, depending on how much you are willing to spend.

Privacy screen is highly durable. As this is UV treated polypropylene, it should last for 3 years at least. Due to its woven construction and dark color, it brings you more privacy.

Privacy screen is the lowest cost solution to get privacy.

Privacy screens are more about utility than beauty. They are often used in industrial areas, schools, tennis courts, and swimming pools.