Hail Netting

The hail netting is made of polyethylene monofilament, which is UV stabilized and durable. The hail netting can be used in garden and agriculture, to keep fruit trees, orchards, plants, vineyards, crops, vegetables from hail damages and ensure the harvests.

PAMA is the leading agriculture hail net factory in China, offer hail net mesh to overseas market. We supply hail nettings in different mesh shape and sizes, coming into white, black, green, transparent colors. Wholesale hail nettings from PAMA in best price guaranteed to be high quality.

Hail Netting Series


Orchard Hail Netting

Anti-aging orchard anti-hail netting vegetable garden hail protect netting, made by high density polyethylene material.

Commercial Hail Netting

Durable, reinforced stitching and a resilient diamond-pattern weave, our hail netting and anti-hail net fabrics are a reliable option for commercial crop protection.